children's ministry vbs children's church sunday school
children's ministry vbs children's church sunday schoolchildren's ministry vbs children's church sunday schoolchildren's ministry vbs children's church sunday schoolchildren's ministry vbs children's church sunday school

children's ministry vbs children's church sunday school

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Welcome to TruthQuest's Bodyworx! As the director of your church's VBS program, you have many responsibilities. This VBS kit is designed to make your job as easy as possible for you and your volunteers. But before you look any further, here are some fast facts about thie VBS kit:

VBS FastFacts:

Cost of Kit: $99.00 for COMPLETE kit. No add-ons to buy!
What's included in the kit?

Length of Program: 5 days / 3 hours per day
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For Ages: 4-11 More Info

Age Group Divisions: Six
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Theme: A Bible adventure traveling inside the human body, learning about God’s amazing design for our bodies and learning about the deadly “disease” of sin and its only cure, salvation in Christ Jesus. More Info

Objective: To teach children how the parts of their own bodies can show them how to build godly character, reminding them of God’s majesty and demonstrating their need for a Savior. More Info

Versions Available:
New International Version (NIV)
King James (KJV)
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Gospel Presentations: Presented EVERY DAY through Bodyworx Drama Skits
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Rooms Needed: 4-7

Volunteers Needed: 25 minimum, 40-50 recommended

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More Information about this VBS

The Theme
Welcome to Bodyworx Laboratories, where amazing research allows children to be miniaturized and transported inside the human body. While there, children can tour such places as the eye, the digestive system, the heart, and more–all from the inside! Throughout this exciting adventure, children will be taught how the body testifies to God’s majesty and wisdom as they participate in Bible stories, Scripture memory, object lessons and more. The human body is one of the greatest testimonies about God's majesty. Now, Bodyworx makes the human body a constant reminder for children that God created them and loves them, and that He offers them salvation from the curse of sin! This unique theme features adventures children will never forget, and lessons they'll always remember!

The Objective
The objective of Bodyworx is to show children that their bodies testify about God, not only demonstrating that the amazing and intricate design for the body could only be from the mind of God, but also using parts of the body to illustrate and remind children how to build godly character.

The Gospel
One of the prime objectives of Bodyworx is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children and their families. Through the use of Bible lessons, gospel tracts, and discipleship materials which can all be printed from the Bodyworx online materials, you can share the gospel with all of the children in your VBS program.
One effective method for sharing the gospel with the children is the Bodyworx drama skits (found in the Drama Kit in the Bodyworx online materials) during opening and closing assemblies each day. During the five days of VBS, Doc, our main character in the skits, is attempting to cure a mysterious ailment in a patient named Nicky. As VBS progresses, and as the children visit more of Nicky’s innards, Doc discovers that Nicky’s ailment is not physical but spiritual.
The disease which ails Nicky is the same deadly disease which ails all of us–the curse of sin. Doc will share with the children that there IS a complete cure for sin–but only one cure. That cure, of course, is Jesus Christ. The Bodyworx drama skits allow you to share the gospel on EVERY DAY OF VBS, making Bodyworx a very evangelical program.

NIV and King James Bible References
Any VBS Resource Kit which contains Scripture verses written out is available in the VBS materials in TWO Bible versions; either the New International Version (NIV) or the King James Version (KJV). When printing resource kits which contain Scripture verses, simply select which version you prefer to use and print it.

Five Days, Three Hours per Day
Although you may alter the time frame in which this VBS program operates in your church, it is designed to run for five days, running for three hours or more each day. The daily three-hour running time allows this VBS to be done either in the daytime or in the evening. Extending the daily running time beyond three hours is possible, although we do not recommend running this program in less than three hours per day, as the children will not be able to participate in all the VBS activities in less than three hours per day. Tools for setting up a daily operating schedule are found in the Director's Guidebook.

The Six VBS Age Groups
This VBS program provides age-targeted teaching for six different age groups. This enables you to teach each age of kids a lesson which they can understand and which challenges them. Each age group will participate in VBS activities separately on a rotation schedule, and each group will have adult “Age Group Leaders” who will stay with each group, befriending children, attending to their needs, and maintaining order. For easy identification, and for fun, each age group is assigned a specific color and designation to help identify them:
Color: Orange
Symbol: Greek Letter Alpha
Color: Yellow
Symbol: Greek Letter Beta
First Graders
Color: Purple
Symbol: Greek Letter Gamma
Second Graders
Color: Red
Symbol: Greek Letter Delta
Third Graders
Color: Green
Symbol: Greek Letter Epsilon
4th & 5th Graders
Color: Blue
Symbol: Greek Letter Zeta
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