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Use this clip art to organize, decorate, and advertise your VBS!

  • Clip Art Formats
  • The clip art listed on this page is provided in three formats. They are as follows:
  • .PDF Format
  • This is the best format if you just want to print the artwork or use it with an opaque projector. Simply click the .PDF links to open and print the art files.
  • .JPEG Format
  • This format allows you to import the clip art into other software. To use .JPEG art files, RIGHT-CLICK on the file names, and then either copy the art file to paste into another application, or save the file to your computer for use later.
  • InstaPosterâ„¢
  • Print your own large posters from any printer! An InstaPoster is a multi-page PDF file that allows you to assemble large posters from letter-sized sheets. For example, an InstaPoster may be comprised of nine pages that, when assembled, make one large poster. This is a great and inexpensive way to have large posters for VBS! Many of the art files below have InstaPoster options.