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Part of the Truthopolis Worship Program!
Shake up Sunday School with Truthopolis Lesson Modules! Truthopolis Lesson Modules are arranged in five-week topical series kits, allowing you to teach what you want when you want. Simply select the series topics that interest you and order the Lesson Modules for those series.

Truthopolis Lesson Modules include Bible Story Lessons, Hands-On or Interactive Object Lessons, Take-Home Worksheets, Take-Home Family Studies, and Scripture memory games. The easy-to-follow format of our lessons allows even an unprepared teacher to teach children, and the depth of our Bible teaching is second to none!

$35 per 5-episode series kit

Every Lesson Module series kit includes five episodes of Lesson Packs for all of these age groups:

Use the Lesson Packs you need and ignore the ones you don't need!

Each Lesson Pack Includes:
Book Smarts Bible Story Lesson
A Bible story paraphrased into storybook form with keywords for children to listen for and respond to.

Time required: 10 minutes

Street Smarts Bible Application Lesson
An interactive object lesson with Scripture showing how to apply the Bible in practical terms.

Time required: 20 minutes

Scripture Sports Bible Memory Game
Directions for a simple physical game that requires memorization of the day’s Memory Verse.

Time required: 15 minutes

Take-Home Worksheet
A homework sheet that includes application questions, an application activity, and more.
Family Study Sheet
A one-page Bible Study sheet that allows parents to study the same topics taught to their children each week.

Don't have time for everything? Save time by omitting components you don't have time for!

All these materials are provided in the same series kit in all of these Bible versions!