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Welcome to the TruthQuest® Study Center. Below are some downloadable study sheets you might find helpful or interesting. You will need the free Adobe Reader software installed on you computer to open these documents. If you find that you can't open these items after downloading, you can download the Adobe Reader software installer here for free.

"Where's the Beef? Substance in Children's Ministry"
a discussion of the missing element in too many ministries and churches: Biblical depth!

"Missed Opportunities"
an informative article about making the most of every teaching opportunity

"Superheroes of the Faith"
an article discussing what makes for a true hero in God's eyes

"The Trouble With Harry"
an informative article about the dangers of the current Harry Potter fad

The Case for the Deity of Christ
an in-depth study to confirm the Bible's clear statements about God the Son--particularly useful when talking with Jehovah's Witnesses

All About the Trinity
an in-depth study about the Bible's clear indications that there is one God who exists in three persons

All About Jesus
an in-depth gospel presentation designed for children

All About Baptism
a study about the doctrine of baptism designed for children

Teaching Children Discernment
a study for parents and children about making wise choices regarding TV, movies, games and books

Faith vs. Scientific Fact and Theories
a flow chart designed to help children to reason whether certain statements are matters of scientific fact, theory, or faith

All About Your Hands
a diagram of the human hand, showing God's wondrous design and wisdom

All About Your Eyes
a diagram of the human eye, designed to show children how it works, demonstrating God's wisdom and power through it's design

Lifting You Up
a diagram showing the principle of lift and how it allows airplanes to fly. This study compares an airplane's dependence on air pressure to our dependence on Christ.