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children's ministry vbs children's church sunday schoolchildren's ministry vbs children's church sunday schoolchildren's ministry vbs children's church sunday schoolchildren's ministry vbs children's church sunday school

children's ministry vbs children's church sunday school


TruthQuest Vacation Bible School Program
"The Ultimate Treasure"
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See our VBS Course Overview at the bottom of this page!

Bring this low-cost VBS program to your church!
TruthQuest's very first Vacation Bible School marked the emergence of a new way of providing VBS materials to churches! With the philosophy that a VBS kit should be all-inclusive, affordable, easy to use and deeply Biblical, "The Ultimate Treasure" is a VBS which kids in your church are sure to love!
And although TruthQuest was "just getting started" when we introduced "The Ultimate Treasure VBS" and our newer VBS kits are some of the best on the market, TruthQuest continues to offer this well-written VBS kit as a low-cost VBS solution for your church!

"The Ultimate Treasure" TruthQuest VBS program takes kids on a week-long treasure hunt which includes adventures in honesty, science, moral dilemmas, mysteries and more, all leading to the treasure of truth found in God's Word! Kids will meet the TruthQuest characters and learn the importance of weighing all knowledge against the authoritative Truth of God's Word. In an age when values such as relativism and thought-policing are on the rise, it is more important than ever to equip kids to discern the real truth from God's Word! Each TruthQuest character teaches kids from a unique perspective, giving kids a well-rounded view of the application of God's Word.

Complete, Simple, and Easy to Use!
The TruthQuest VBS program comes on two compact discs--one of them is a worship music CD containing five toe-tapping worship songs for kids, and the other is a CD-ROM to use with any personal computer. Simply insert the CD-ROM into your computer, install the free Adobe® Acrobat™ Reader software included on the CD-ROM, and you're all ready to open and print all of the instructions, ideas, lessons, skits, flyers and forms you'll need to operate VBS at your church! And best of all, most of our materials are reproducible! There are no worries about copyright infringement--just print or photocopy as many copies of the materials as you need! It couldn't be simpler!

The theme for the TruthQuest VBS is a treasure hunt--a 5-day search for the ultimate treasure. Children are taken on adventures through science, Bible stories, mysteries and contemporary moral dilemmas, each of which teach the children the importance of seeking out, examining, and defending the truth found in God's Word. The treasure hunt ends in the discovery of the ultimate treasure--a complete gospel presentation! The TruthQuest VBS teaches kids from unique perspectives and emphasizes the need for discernment in today's world. Just because a child is taught something doesn't automatically make it true. All teachings should be checked against God's Word for accuracy and truth!

Why WebLink?
The idea of purchasing a VBS program on CD-ROM seemed new to many churches when TruthQuest introduced the concept in 2001. After all, VBS programs are typically sold in flashy, colorful and expensive packages. Often times, the materials you purchase are not reproducible, and frequently, you'll find that you need to go back to the publisher of the VBS to acquire additional books, manuals, lessons and materials. At TruthQuest, we do things a little differently. Instead of spending large amounts of money creating fancy unnecessary packaging, forcing the price of our materials up, we have opted to keep costs at a minimum--for us and for you! One CD-ROM includes ALL OF THE VBS MATERIALS YOU'LL NEED! For one low price, you get all of the guides, manuals, lessons, skits, templates, flyers, forms and clip art you'll need to plan and operate your VBS. Simply insert the TruthQuest VBS CD-ROM into your computer, install the included software (if necessary), and print as many copies of our manuals, guides, lessons and materials as you need. Most of our materials are fully reproducible! You can print them yourself in full color or in BW, and you can photocopy them as well. Because our materials come on CD-ROM, they are also replaceable and reusable. If you spill coffee on your Director's Guidebook, simply print out a new one! Or, repeat the VBS program a couple of years after you originally use it--all of the materials will still be there for you on CD-ROM! Why didn't somebody think of this before?

The Ultimate Treasure Includes:

  • VBS Director's Guidebook (45 pages). A detailed overview of the VBS program, how it works, and what it takes to do it. Includes recruiting flyers.
  • Drama Packet (104 pages). Includes instructions, skits, materials lists and props.
  • Teaching Packet (112 pages). Includes instructions, age-targeted lessons, props, materials lists and age-targeted worksheets for six age groups.
  • Crafts Packet (29 pages). Includes instructions, materials lists, supplies, templates, photos, and coloring sheets.
  • Snacks Packet (14 pages). Includes instructions, materials lists, recipes, photos and ideas for VBS snacks.
  • Games Packet (13 pages). Includes instructions, game descriptions, and ideas.
  • Music Packet (15 pages). Includes instructions, song lyrics, sheet music and hand motions for VBS music contained on the TruthQuest VBS Music CD.
  • Missions Packet (2 pages). Includes instructions and ideas for a VBS missions program.
  • Registration Packet (19 pages). Includes instructions, name tag blanks, score sheets, awards, and registration forms.
  • Promotions Packet (31 pages). Includes instructions, flyers, posters, a skit, artwork and ideas for advertising your VBS.
  • Decorations Packet (36 pages). Includes instructions, tips, ideas and artwork for decorating for VBS,
  • Team Captains Packet (3 pages). Includes instructions and advice for leading kids through VBS.
  • Special Bonus Artwork (81 files). A library of artwork which you can print out or take on disk to a sign shop for use in advertising or decorating for your VBS program.
  • Gospel Tracts and Discipleship Materials for evangelism and spiritual growth!

TruthQuest VBS Music

  • It's Time for a TruthQuest
    The TruthQuest theme song, featuring a strong message about searching for God's Truth in the Bible.
  • The Science Song
    A fun song to help kids remember the scientific method and remind kids that God created our world in six days!
  • Hide It
    A memorable song reminding kids to hide God's Word in their hearts at all times.
  • The Sword of the Lord
    This battle cry reminds children to arm themselves with the Sword of the Spirit!
  • Be A Berean
    Don't just take people at their word--go to God's Word and see for yourself what's true and what's not!
  • Bonus Tracks
    The above mentioned songs, each including children's and worship leader vocals, have also been remixed to include split (instrumental/vocal) tracks and instrumental-only tracks! 15 tracks in all!

Memorable Characters and Unique Perspectives!
The TruthQuest characters are featured weekly in our Sunday Morning Children's Worship program and are instrumental in teaching kids in our VBS program. Here's a quick overview of our characters and their teaching focuses:

Doc is a creation scientist who knows that God created our universe just as it says in the Bible, and that science is simply the study of how this wondrous world works. Doc teaches Biblical principles using illustrations from science, and emphasizes an understanding of the scientific method so that the children will be able to recognize that concepts such as Darwinism are not truly scientific facts. True science can never disprove the existence and power of God! In fact, as Doc teaches, it points to God!
Casey is a detective who sets out to solve simple mysteries that arise in dramatic skits. Casey's searches for the truth often lead her to situations where the answers seem unclear--until she discovers the truth in her Bible. Casey likes to remind the children to think like the Berean Christians, who verified Paul's words to them by checking in their own copies of the Scriptures. Casey teaches children that even when the answers seem unclear, God's Word will always help them to find their way and solve their mysteries!
Blade is a not-so-super super hero who tries to protect truth and justice in the city. Despite his lack of any special powers and his general silliness, Blade does have one very useful tool on his side--the Sword of the Spirit--his Bible! Blade teaches the children to become "master swordsmen" by properly wielding the Sword of the Spirit through Scripture memorization.
Reid is something of an adventurer, and his favorite kinds of adventures are those which lead him into books of the Bible, books of literature, and books of history. Reid teaches the children how obedience to the Scriptures can resolve conflicts in literature, whether fictitious, historical or Biblical, and how disobedience to God can result in disaster.

TruthQuest Vacation Bible School Course Overview
Day or Session
Teaching Focus
Teaching Method
Memory Verse
Telling the whole truth
Gramps teaches Doc, Casey, Reid and Blade a special lesson.
Bible story from
1 Samuel chapter 15

Saul disobeyed a command from the Lord, and then he failed to tell the whole truth about what he had done.
Psalm 25:5
Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.
Testing the truth
Doc does science experiments to show ways to test the truth.
A science experiment and story from Acts 17:2-12
The Bereans, even though they liked Paul, examined the Scriptures themselves to see if what Paul taught was true.
Acts 17:11b
The Bereans received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures to see if what Paul said was true.
Consequences of hiding the truth
Israel suffers because of Achan's disobedience and deception.
Role playing, plus Psalm 139
We cannot hide the truth from God!
Proverbs 15:3
The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.
Taking a stand for the truth
Blade deals with a moral dilemma between two friends.
Summary of Acts 4 and 5
Ananias and Sapphira held back the truth and paid the consequences!
Proverbs 12:22
The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in men who are truthful.
Examining the truth
Casey deals with a mystery involving people who have misunderstood the Bible.
"Be Like a Berean" game
Kids are read misquoted Bible verses and are challenged to correct the errors.
Psalm 119:10-11
I seek you with all my heart...I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Your church will love this complete, simple, and affordable VBS program! Don't delay! VBS time is coming soon! Bring the TruthQuest VBS program to your church today!